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»Strategy is what the customer requires«

(Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Bullinger)


With a partial programme of our, in those days, parent company BÄR ELEKTROWERKE, Dipl.-Ing. Gunter Bär founded inter BÄR in 1990 in Schalksmühle.

Our family enterprise has been partner of the electrical wholesale, the industry and other target groups in Europe for decades.

We look back on more than 80 years experience in the switch sector and deliver well-known quality and modern know-how, mostly “made in Germany”.

The main delivery programme contains

  • line-intermediate switches
  • foot-intermediate switches
  • dimmer
  • a programme for child safety
  • LED-lights
  • and various products for the electrical sector

Apart from own production, we meanwhile work together with over 20 cooperation partners and have taken over the exclusive distribution of special articles.

The competent and motivated team offers you advice and service first hand.

Good storekeeping fulfills 95 % of the delivery dates requested by our customers.

Please also visit our sister company PRO CAR.