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Corporate Philisophy

Corporate Philosophy

Quality and durability are part of our corporate philosophy.

inter BÄR Quality policy means:

  • No standstill. The current state never satisfies. We constantly need to get better and better  and are always improving in accordance with the requirements of the future.
  • The entire process from the new development, its realization to the product ready for sale should be continuously optimized.
  • The quality of our after-sales service is of particular importance.
  • Our operating processes are always being reviewed and we always look for improvements.
  • By means of a good working atmosphere and regular training measures we support the motivation and commitment of our employees

We meet the most important demands of our customers, as there are:

  • agreed quality and quantity, deadline and price as per our quotation
  • durable and environmentally friendly products.
  • best performance and best service
  • It is our aim to maintain a business relationship based on partnership
    with our customers and suppliers.
  • It is our declared goal to win customers and bind them to us in the long term
  • It is a matter of course for us to observe the legal regulations and laws.

The management supports an ethics escalation policy by advocating the passing on of detected / discovered violations of the law.

inter BÄR operates a strict anti-corruption policy. inter BÄR’s management and employees will not engage in any form of bribery or corruption, either actively or passively, directly or indirectly.

Furthermore, neither the management nor the employees of inter BÄR will actively or passively / directly or indirectly participate in any violation of human rights or discrimination of employees/colleagues, forced labour or child labour.

Our environmental policy is reviewed at regular intervals as part of the annual management review.

Based on our responsibility towards people and the environment, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving environmental precaution by improving environmental performance and avoiding or reducing environmental pollution wherever this is technically and organisationally possible and economically viable.

In doing so, we consider the entire life cycle of our products, insofar as this is organisationally, technically and economically possible for us and we can exert an influence. For example, we constantly strive to promote the proportion of recyclable raw materials and products.

It is a matter of course for us to comply with legal regulations and binding obligations and other environmental protection interests.

Every employee is involved in our organisation and has the right and duty to work towards eliminating circumstances that cause unnecessary burdens on the environment. We promote environmentally conscious behaviour of our employees within and outside our organisation through information and training